Mike Pagnani is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who specializes in performing, teaching, and curating
traditional music. His performances include leading Pub Sings, playing and singing with many bands
(Beer Stained Fiddle, County Panic, Hudson Busk, etc) and solo performances of traditional American
and Irish music, the folk songs of many traditions, and folk tales and stories.
Mike’s classes for children introduce music from many perspectives at once. Using games, stories,
performance, and hands-on activities, kids have created songs, built instruments, learned about history,
music theory, acoustics and other topics, learned how to sing and harmonize, gained self confidence, and
had great amounts of fun! Curricula are designed and adjusted to fit the situation and the children. Classes
are offered privately, and at organizations such as Art Omi, The Alternative Learning Center, Time Space
Limited, Etc.
Mike’s individual instrumental lessons in fiddle, banjo, accordion, piano, guitar, and other instruments
have reached students ranging in age from four to eighty four, and have introduced music to some and
offered improvement for others. Mike focuses on ear learning, the folk method and a generally holistic
approach to music.
Mike’s scholarly work includes finding origins of traditional songs and tunes and researching the cultural
context in which they first appear, and are able to live on. His continuing education includes regular
workshops and individual lessons from a great many skilled teachers.
Mike lives in New York’s beautiful Hudson valley where, along with his wife of over 2 decades, he has
homeschooled 3 children and manages a small production company. Check out the calendar on the connect page to see him live, or contact him for availability for performance or lessons.